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Wax Melts (Rose + Ylang Ylang) 100g


These floral wax melts will make you feel like summer! Ylang Ylang and Rose are a natural mood booster and also an aphrodisiac. These melts are topped with dried flowers to look as beautiful as they smell.


These delicious floral wax melts are entirely free of petroleum. We made these with 100% pure cabbageseedwax which is a perfect alternative for soy wax. Cabbageseedwax lasts longer than paraffinwax, so you can enjoy these melts extra long! These wax melts have their lovely floral scent from essential oils. No perfume was used in this product.

We measure these melts by weight, not volume. You receive 100g wax melts as on the photos. We wrap/send this product 100% plastic free.

This product is very suitable for vegans. We do not make any products with animal ingredients at Rosie Botanicals. None of our ingredients have been tested on animals. We do not test our final products on animals either.


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